MONARCH – A Story of Friendship and Hope

Development / ENGLISH / Family / 109 minutes

Country:  USA

Monarch (C) iQuit! Productions LLC, 2011-2012

Log line
When twelve-year-old Scotty Marshall’s brilliant scientist father is murdered, he and his two misfit friends must expose his killer and save the world from destruction, all with the help of an amazing superhero suit called “The Monarch”.

DR. DOUG MARSHALL, an altruistic genius, is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough that will drastically effect mankind and our global energy crisis.  CHARLES SINGER, his greedy business partner and principal investor has other intentions for the technology and is all too eager to get his hands on it.  Before he can finish his work, MARSHALL is suddenly lost in an accident leaving his wife AMANDA and his son SCOTTY behind to fend for themselves and pick up the pieces of their life without their beloved husband and father.

Desperate to keep his father’s legacy going, SCOTTY, a young genius, continues his own experiments in a secret lab left to him by his father.  When SINGER gets wind that another lab exists and potentially more prototypes – he stops at nothing and no one to get to these Marshall family secrets.  With the help of his new and unlikely best friend, MARCUS, this young duo must defend the secret lab, their families and the world.  A Superhero costume in the likeness of a Monarch butterfly, originally created by MARSHALL, helps as they plot their underground defense and utilize every tactic they have to expose SINGER and avoid being grounded.

Danny Trejo – Spy Kids, Machete, Grindhouse
Fred Stoller Everybody Loves Raymond, The Change-Up

Rodney Frazier – Hip Hop Harry, F-1 Documentary
Richard Holland – My Name is Kate, Going After Cacciato

Melanie Klaschka, Rodney Frazier, Jeff Johnson, Richard Malzahn

Budget(Contact us for more details)
– British Columbia
– Development
Rating – PG
CompsSpy Kids, Alex Rider, Air Bud